What is coverUp

CoverUp is a lid with a filter in active carbon, created, developed and patented by Ambientalia S.r.l., to be used for movable bin, with a capacity of 120/240 l., for the sorted collection of organic waste.
Thanks to its peculiar opening and to the high filtering capacity of the gasket adsorbEco, the concentration of bad odours within the bin markedly decreases.

Advantages of coverUp

Reducing of the frequency of garbage collection and emptying of the silo, with high temperatures as well, particularly during summertime. Decreasing the transportation and the relatively production of fumes from the vehicles, with remarkable improvement of the air quality, reduction of costs for the collection and drop of urban traffic.
AdsorbEco, thanks to its high filtering performances, presents a considerable reduction of the exhalations either when the bin is opened or closed. Especially thanks to the interruption of stench, insects and animals are not attracted anymore.

More information

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