What is ambiSystem

AmbiSystem is a technology created, developed and patented by Ambientalia S.r.l. aimed to the aerobic stabilisation of urban litter (S.U.W.), from sorted waste collection. The compost production occurs, according to the current laws and regulations, using organic and rural substrates.
AmbiSystem is a removable and modular installation, that does not require shed, as it may be placed in open spaces and the litter is directly included within the biotunnel.

AmBiocell according to the policies

The legislative decree no. 36, January 13, 2003, and the successive dispositions state that the waste should not be left in landfill anymore, however it has to be treated with stabilisation and sanitation services.

Advantages of ambiSystem

Ambisystem has considerable benefits regarding its sustainability, controlling the environmental impact of hazardous atmospheric emissions, with an effective reduction of almost 25-30% of the biomass weight.
In addition, forensic tests reveal the effective stabilisation of litter with an IR value <1000mg O2/kg SV per hour. Analyses on ammonia and on hydrogen sulphide, reveal particularly interesting data, that are remarkably below the Italian current limitations.

More information

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