Cos’è ambiComunity

The advanced composting plant, able to treat up to 80 tons per year of organic waste, as the Italian bill, n. 2093 prescribes.
AmbiComunity is a technology created, developed and patented by Ambientalia S.r.l., for the biomass’ bioxidation and the accelerated maturation of compost. This process has been planned for the communities, small town, resorts, etc. This system has been conceived wherever is hard to install the traditional and massive composting plants, for economic, logistic and management reasons. This solution has been developed in order to allow the small local communities to become independent in managing the collection of organic litter, and provide the direct management of the composting process.

Particular features of ambiComunity

The experience of Ambientalia, in projecting and building composting plants, is a warranty in order to reach the goal and the limitations imposed by policies and regulations.

Advantages of ambiComunity

This small plant in able to sustain the composting process, without provoking environmental impact, neither the dispersal of litter by the wind, or uncontrolled leachates, or odoriferous emissions.
Opportunity to obtain compost, without issues related to expenditures for administration of local soil.
Management of ambiComunity does not require supplementary staff, as it may be controlled by the responsible who already works in the litter management.

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