What is adsorbEco

The Ambientalia covers in active carbon may considerably decrease the formation of smells thanks to their high adsorbing performances. These tarpaulin may be used as daily cover, being reusable in the landfill, or as durable protection for slagheap.
Where malodours exhalations are issue related to degradation of organic matter, the most suitable solution is the utilisation of Ambientalia active carbon tarpaulins.

Advantages of adsorbEco

Thanks to this cover in active carbon, the litter in not scattered by wind anymore, in addition the high filtering performances allow to eliminate the diffusion of malodours gases. Furthermore, the utilisation of these tarpaulins limits the exhalations, decreasing insects and animals attraction.
Great advantage is the recovery of huge landfill volume, as the tarpaulins replace the layer of ground filling material.

How to unroll adsorbEco

The tool “Raca” quickly lays the covers flat, and rolls up the reusable daily cover in active carbon.

More information

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